Harta akan habis digunakan tanpa ilmu tetapi ilmu akan berkembang jika di gunakan..

Menulis sepuluh jilid buku mengenai falsafah lebih mudah dari melaksanakan sepotong pesanan...

Introduction of UMT

Monday, January 11, 2010

Universiti Malaysia Terengganu(UMT) is the fourteenth public university established in Malaysia. It first became fully autonomous as a University College on 1 July 2001 and was renamed Universiti Malaysia Terengganu on 1 February 2007. Historically, it originated from the Centre for Fisheries and Marine Science in Kuala Terengganu in 1979 which provided facilities for practical training for students and lecturers of Marine Science and Fisheries programmes. With the restructuring of the academic programmes in Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), the entire Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences was moved to Terengganu and given an enlarged scope and a new name in June 1996 - Faculty of Applied Science and Technology. The campus was then recognized as a branch campus of UPM where the Faculty of Science and Professional Arts was also inaugurated. The establishment of University College Terengganu was approved by the Malaysian Cabinet on 5 May that year and was subsequently renamed University College of Science and Technology Malaysia (KUSTEM).

To be an institution that generates, disseminates and applies innovative knowledge and a catalyst for the development of progressive individuals and sustainable environment.

To drive the fields of science, technology and management of natural resource via the generation of excellent academic and research programs towards the development of individuals who ensure the sustainability of religion, race and the nation.


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